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current public drinking water, basic use of bottled water filling, the unit is equipped with drinking fountains, water stations to contact the logistics department on-site service. This way there are several issues:


1 bottled water secondary pollution, low security, health and drinking water is threatened;


2 changing the water and bottled water, labor-intensive effort, impact. office and employee productivity;.


3 short-term seemingly low price of bottled water, but after a cumulative basis costly.


office to install drinking water equipment, safe and convenient, the current system is to drink, not only to protect the health of employees drinking water, and affordable, an investment in long-term benefit! .



core values 鈥嬧€?/p>

1 health: better than the national drinking water standards, environmental health, safety and reliability;


2. fresh: automatic circulation, automatic monitoring of water quality, prevent secondary pollution, often new purification;


health 3: multiple purification processes, separation of all bacteria and harmful substances in the water, to ensure the quality of drinking water;

   [ 123] safety 4: completely avoid water contamination and water pipeline affect water quality;


   5 economy: bottled drinking water, bottled or relative terms, and its manufacturing cost is greatly reduced market price; [ . 123]

assured 6: The water quality detection, timely reminder to replace the filter office supplies, can be assured.




design a public drinking water: centralized water supply system solution


Location: about 20 square select a room in the building by drinking water standards specification engineered to meet the running water production equipment;


network: drinking water equipment in conjunction with a food grade plumbing, water supply or to use the manner for reference for the lower back, network design done the same way, the cycle, to ensure water safety;


terminal: each office can be warm water dispenser, there are both heated water, some areas may be selected with special needs ice making water ice thermal type terminal functions.


Office of Drinking Water two design: Commercial drink straight


1. Transformation cost is relatively small, according to the selected type and quantity of water, the combination of flexible, may be coupled with an existing dispenser.


2. install flexible operation, easy to use.


3. Floor used independently of each other, they are independent. .




1 overall engineering design office in charge of drinking water systems, depending on the pattern of the office units arranged as far as possible without affecting the use and appearance drink straight installation conditions; [ 123]

   2 is responsible for building drinking water equipment in place to ensure the quality of the installation, rapid and efficient;


   3 is responsible for the office straight drink machine installed debugging;.


   4. The service center opened 24-hour hotline service to provide timely on-site maintenance services;.


   5 free home maintenance, such as machine failure, then back to the service center to check.

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