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Shared economic penetration to the water industry, wer purif

   According to statistics obtained, water purification products in three cities north of Guangzhou utilization reached 15% of household water purifiers in the countrys overall utilization rate of 3% to 5%, with the quality of life improve, more people are concerned about drinking water health problems, which also contributed to the rapid development of the water purifier rental industry, domestic water purifier market has huge potential.

   water purifier brand variety, consumers do not know how to choose the

   effect on water quality water purifier is filtered to remove water impurity, the selection of a suitable water purifier, consumer it may be difficult for the person.

   because there are many differences in water purifiers, first of all is the price difference, the price difference between two seemingly different water purifier and a great, inexpensive water purifier will be able to buy only two or three hundred, a 2000 often see, then you will need some one on ten thousand, is to choose your price is still cheap man difficult for consumers to choose.

   again is filtering technology, different brands of water purifiers water purifier technology may not be the same, there are differences, there are also some water purifiers name of beauty, adding slogan minerals, which allows the selection and add more difficulties.

   play any additional role of water purifiers are guise only, mainly to attract your attention, water purifiers currently on the market is no additional effect, in addition to the purchase price can be based on your budget, buy also choose to hire afford everyone a rental to small household water purifier positioned mainly in the reverse osmosis membrane and the RO membrane-based dual technology path.

   According to incomplete statistics obtained, as of July 2017, Chinas water purifier business practitioners will have as many as 4000, the whole production will have 1600, but holders of documents relating to the national wading only 500 companies. From the data to see there are a lot of water purifiers do not produce qualified enterprises, the production of substandard products in circulation. Now the domestic water purifier manufacturers at a rate of 30% in the development of new enterprises in 40%, 10% of companies will face closure or change jobs.

   water purifier rental market began to erupt

   water purifier for more than ten years, has formed a very mature industry chain development in our time. In recent years, consumption of small household water purifier started to rise, a lot of smart home of the popular stimulating the development of water purification industry, according to the Institute for Prospective industry published "China water purifier industryProduction and marketing data needs analysis report "can be seen in our country in the year 2016, water purifier sales reached 13.12 million units, retail sales reached 20.3 billion yuan.

   In the past six months, water purification equipment online retail sales reached 1.82 million units, up 26.8%, retail sales reached 2.2 billion yuan, an increase of 37.6%.

   Today, domestic water purifier market capacity growth rate of 50%, estimated in 2019 household water purifiers penetration rate in the country could reach 20% to 30%, almost 100 million people use in order to seize this market, many began to flood, to carve huge piece of cake.

   Source: Chinese purifier network

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