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On the Marco Polo Shenzn factory household water purifier wa

   After the winter, there will be a lot of families in this situation daily water, either kettle or thermos will appear on a thick layer of scale, many people are beginning to choose a water purifier to solve this issue. With the emergence of a variety of water pollution incidents, water purifiers joined the agency has gradually become a hot industry, then joined the agency in a water purifier which points should pay attention to it? Marco Polo Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers detailed explanation for you! [ 123]

   1, a water purifier to join points, shortening the front, precise layout

   As we know, was stretched too thin, too layout, sometimes not being paid. Some water purification agents to join its infancy, it is eager to expand the distribution area, did not take into account their own economic strength and operational capacity, beyond his ability to control the scope of a long time down will feel powerless, but also likely to cause limited resources waste, so that efficiency is reduced, with the advance operation of the market, gradually being kicked out of the market. Some water purification agents used to join multi-faceted flowering, hope exhaustive, but little attention, rather it would end up counterproductive. There are three main reasons: First, the result of a lack of funds reserves of liquidity shortage; Second, the product structure determines the characteristics of certain channels operating costs are too high, not worth the candle; the third is social public relations capacity water purifier dealers have their own strengths, some operational channels, social resources is not enough.

   Marco Polo as water purifiers top ten brands, a professional staff to support the market to help develop the local market, from the distribution of the opening ceremony, to product installation and product knowledge training, development of distributors, stores stationed in negotiations, alliance building will bargain, will buy, engineering projects, tracking guidance to help franchisees pre-less unnecessary detours, to solve the worries for the agents at all levels.

   2, joining points purifier Second, avoid price war

   As China water purifier market has become more sophisticated, market competition is increasingly steering determinants of brand war, the success of the brand is the competition from price wars. Market positioning accuracy, reasonable pricing, consumers trust the brand will allow the franchisee to enjoy a lot of money profit; the contrary, the competition for the limited market share, some of the water purifier business at a consideration of "bleeding" of bait to lure consumers. Due to intense competition, profitSpace shrinking, and eventually only allow franchisees to bear the consequences dismally. Product prices can not be sustained, because it does not reflect the proper value, of course, the consumer would be unable to continue. Will only participate in low-cost competition, the brand is not the long walk, we must pay attention to the price of the product, but also to pay attention to its value.

   3, water purifiers to join three points: to avoid excessive promotional

   development stage company in the new market will often give some promotional efforts support agents to join many mistakenly think bigger and more promotional efforts will promote product sales, as forceful great opportunity for distributors in terms of profit margins, will drive the enthusiasm of the terminals and distributors, promoting the marketing of products on the market efforts, product sales will be good, but the real work is not the bigger the better promotional efforts are often too large promotional efforts will result in a large number of dealers or the second groups of terminals or store goods, but once the products move off slow or malignant the product will be competitive fire sale price to buy the product or wear the product to be low-priced goods, a promotional stop, it will be difficult to sell the product, a vicious cycle.

   With the improvement of peoples living standards, water purifiers joined the agency can be regarded as a long-term management of the business, in order to protect business continuity, water purification agents to join in the choice of brands when it is best to choose a regular professional brand, so to be able to seize the opportunities, rapid success in sales.

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