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Shenzhen Sz to develop quality standards for consumer watepu

  It is reported that Shenzhen Water Purifier Industry Association, the lead organization to develop "water purification products Shenzhen consumer quality standards," the establishment of Shenzhen water purifier industry standards consortium.

   Shenzhen water purifier industry standards consortium identified the establishment of Union City Institute of Standards and Technology, the development of industry standards higher than the national standards, the working mechanism to implement water purification business-oriented, third-party testing and certification bodies and consumers to participate, At the same time determine the standards drafting process timetable, introduced the "Shenzhen quality water purification products consumption standards" as soon as possible.


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   president of the Shenzhen Municipal Water Purifier Association Li Haibo, said consumer quality standards different from the standard form in the traditional sense, which aims to provide consumers with consumer perceivable identifiable quality information. After reaching the consumer products company quality standards, self certification testing on the statement by the authority of the City Councils official website platform, such as water purification Associations official website, the public notice and consumers committed to complying with the standard.

   Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology Assistant to the President Lu Yong said: "Consumers want to be directly involved in the development of water purification products consumption quality standards," the relevant standards will regulate water purification products production, sale, installation and service, guiding production, guide consumption, protect the interests of consumers.

   Guangdong Provincial Health Authority chief Gan Japan-China believes that the current standards of the water industry, "more", the main problems is the "chaos" in the development direction of "truth." He also suggested that we should pointedly water purifier which problems of water quality. With "standard" explanation than tap water purifier water quality standard GB5749 was good, so that the people, government supervision departments, production companies understand that water quality can drink straight water purifier.

   In addition, the reporter also learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Water Purifier Industry Association, the Association and the Korea Water Purifier Association held a "China-ROK friendly water purification Association" set up the ceremony. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Water Purifier Industry Association also held with the Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School of cooperative education signing ceremony, the two sides plan to jointly set up a "water purification Shenzhen Academy" to train and provide more human resources for the water industry.

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