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Per liter of watpurifis- Agents can only be rational analysi

  Environmental pollution has long been the birth of the rapid development of water purification industry, water purification industry has just started led to high profits water purifier, so many people give up cell phones, clothing and other industries began specializing in water purification. But just set foot in the water purification industry of agents who do not understand water purifier, water purifier what brand, which became a brand of high profits their concerns. In fact, experts recommend doing water purification agents need to rational analysis.


   First, the analysis of market developments purifier

   development of water purifier is clearly rapidly in recent years, the annual growth rate is to reach 13% to 14.5%. No obvious signs of market demand decline, but there are faint improved. Description water purifier market is far from reaching saturation level. Their investment is very promising.

   Second, analysis of Chinas economic development and user communities

   of rapid economic growth in recent years has greatly improved peoples consumption of water products. It is also gradually changing consumer values, the middle class has become an important population of our country. It can analyze their spending habits. Product sales from recent years, more and more manufacturers began to focus on the brand. Consumer psychology is also cheaper by the previous king gradually transformed into a rational consumer is thinking on the practical. Water purifier manufacturers should pay more attention to brand building and quality priority. Agents also have more should pay attention to find the true strength of the manufacturers and the production capacity of the manufacturers have to shape the brand image.

   Third, how to analyze agents to maximize the benefits

   have analyzed the above and what kind of cooperation of the manufacturers, but how to choose these manufacturers are in it, the water purification industry is a new sunrise industry, it is still not a true monopoly on this industry behemoth appears. Water purifier production strength is not necessarily the best, they tend to have a lot of things and outsourcing of processing. And the higher market price, the consumer desire to buy will subside, so that agents of the profits will be very weak. Conversely machine-name and low price, quality is unacceptable. Consumers also do not choose. So this time we should select manufacturers of professional production experience and strength of the independent production cooperation, and preferably has more than 10 years old brands. No monopoly in this market, to compete for the market, dealers and manufacturers such cooperation can get more profit sharing and policySupport. This can be more profitable

   Fourth, the ability to analyze marketing and investment risks

   There are many agents want to do water purifier business but did not understand this industry, but also more of a lack of experience. At this time a sales team has first choice of the manufacturers is to work, and why, the manufacturers have a sales team can help develop new markets, activities. In the process of supporting manufacturers often can learn all sorts of marketing practices, and a deeper understanding of water purifier market. Such agents can be better after learning of the elite. On the investment risk in ensuring that non-fraud case, try to choose 0 joining fee or low-cost manufacturers to join, such as the yuan or the like water purifier brand. So that when the initial investment will be more safe and secure.

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