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Water purifiers imported consum VS-made rational choice


water purifier market competition is growing, it is mainly on the environment in terms of competition between imported and domestic water purifier water purifier.




part of consumers, compared to when selecting water purifier brand is more concerned about the price of water purifiers. They usually requires the water purifier is not particularly high, generally have enough basic properties.




as well as part of the consumer, always prefer imported water purifier that foreign technology is more mature. There are also data show that domestic reverse osmosis membrane indeed there is a gap with foreign countries. Reverse osmosis membrane reverse osmosis water purifier is the core material, and its production process has very stringent technical requirements. Now no way the quality of domestic films achieve this demand, domestic reverse osmosis membrane and therefore we can only rely on imports. However, this does not mean that household water purifiers must choose imported brands.








Our country is the only country in the world needs to produce through the administrative examination and approval of sales of water purifiers, domestic and imported water purifier chosen when applying for approval of this document is twofold norm. Domestic water purifier company, first of all to be ready for mass production of water purifiers qualification, prototyping and full material and make contact with raw water film, parts go censorship, access to Clean qualified test report, attached material declaration within provincial departments. After the provincial departments should also come to the factory site for review. After the detection of qualified, on-site sampling sample letters, sample letters to the companys prototype inspection. After the report came out, together with the provincial departments have sealed material norms and the company also reported to supervision departments, assessed by experts, as amended and materials submitted to the State Family Planning Commission promulgated certificate. After received the certificate, the health sector will be regularly access company, to produce the conditions to conduct surprise checks.




But the other hand, overseas production of imported water purifiers, neither the health sector to foreign production lines that can conduct on-site review of the company and view, nor can go to the production plant or factory warehouse sample letters like, certification will not go after foreign companies to conduct surprise to see. Thus, the declaration of imported water purifier is much simpler, just ready to prototype and material before submission for approval.








So in fact compared to the import of domestic water purifiers know too much more, when consumers buy fishes should be more at ease. Moreover, because profits are high import water purifier, many businesses seized this opportunity, which also led the market now, a large number of imported water purifiers are "fake foreign devil."




In short, consumers should not blindly superstitious when buying water purifiers imported goods, and do not always contradict made in China, what we need is a process of rational choice. Seoul for dealers, we need to seriously study the dynamics of the industry trends, in order to truly invincible.



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