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Water purifier sales channel expansion by mes of chneliimpor

   water purifier prospects, but the real "money scene" wide mainly to see the sales, then water purifier water appliances as a sales channel which we can develop and make use of it? To seize the channel, the channel advantages into real profits What else can we do? Lets look at water purifier sales channels show the classification of:

   1, stores

   stores can effectively improve product brand awareness, expand product impact, and enhance product credibility is an important means to achieve sales growth, the need to unify the name of the implementation process, unified logo, uniform display, with big brands, large enterprises, modern management, integrated image of good service in the market, to enhance consumers buy products Shun Cheng confidence: buy the rest assured, with peace of mind.


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water purifier sales channel expansion by means of channels is very important

   to establish a unified facade form in the residential area of 鈥嬧€媤ater purification products stores, you can in propaganda within the cell range of products, free supply of purified water, and convenience of the residents purchase, installation, sales and after-sales service, product close to the consumer, so that they dare to try and buy. Shop is not large, consistent standard on the line, there are posters, panels, presentations counters, people to see clearly, can enhance consumers buying confidence. Infancy, even 5-6 units per month, but also to break even. With the improvement of product awareness, from the sales will continue to grow, profitability is not a problem.

   store staff to pass the examination before they can be unified training posts, the staff must be on a full understanding of water purification products, timely answer all kinds of questions raised by consumers. For consumers interested in tasting, enthusiastic good water supply services, through tasting, allow consumers to experience the effectiveness of water purification products, and gradually the desire to buy.

   2, water machine large shopping malls display counters

   City all major shopping malls, supermarkets set up special counters, use the weekend planning promotional activities, it is important to do a live demonstration of water purifier, to attract consumers followers, do not miss convey information on product features, distributing promotional materials, improve product visibility.

   3, other channels by means of

   (1) Solar stores: solar peak seasons vary greatly in the coming off-season, solar dealers sure to find projects, therebyYou can enter.

   (2) the whole cabinet: now improvement of living standards, as well as awareness of domestic water requirements are very high, can make use of a good platform for the display cabinets, bundled sales

   (3) decorative materials , new home decoration, buy decorative materials, water purification products help domestic water purification, defend the family health product characteristics, so that consumers different new head dyed to stimulate the desire to buy.

   (4) decoration companies, supporting the sale of real estate properties: In recent years, the national real estate is very hot, new real estate people put forward higher requirements, the high-end real estate by consumers, the modern family choice as drinking water products to enhance the level of selling real estate, or installed in demand for real estate company sample room of water, the water purifier products into real estate sales propaganda, to attract consumers, to promote real estate sales. Cooperation with real estate developers may serve several purposes, bulk sales, to grow sales. .

   (5) commissioned water station distribution: At present, most public drinking water is bottled water town, the streets have a water station, water supply members direct access to millions of households, they understand the consumer, if you rely on them to carry out business will be more effective. We can develop a wholesale price available to them, asking them to strictly follow the national retail price maintenance sales. We all know that water station selling bottled water can only earn a dollar, but the distribution of our products, you can earn high profits, so the water station will be very actively sell. Generally speaking, there are some water to stand in local authority institutions, offices, families of regular customers, close relationship, water station water purification products they recommend I believe there must be convincing.

   (6) sold to beauty salons, Hair Salon, bathing the city, convenience stores, cafes, fast-food restaurants: a good demonstration effect, water purifier production of drinking water for customers, more than bottled water fresh, more convenient, more healthy, more expensive: purified water can be used for shampoo, face wash, tea, cleaning. We can have a place to relax at the local scale up "drinking water to wash your hair," "drinking water wash."

   stores and shopping malls to show for all of us is familiar with the third channel - other channels of aid, which may be a lot purifier business have not thought of, but it is a good leveraging mode. In this information age, how quickly collect information and integrate the use of this information is very important, and related businesses realChannel partners can now effectively share resources.

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