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Uneven quality water purifier to accelate change will ushin

   safety of drinking water related to the household. In recent years, frequent water pollution, causing people to be more concerned about the safety of drinking water.

   In April of this year, media exposure and Tianjin Jinghai County of Hebei sewage seepage pits area of 鈥嬧€?50,000 square meters. These two seepage pits, from Beijing are around 160 kilometers. Just under the eyes of officials at all levels, even shocking huge seepage pits exist for many years. A wide range of water pollution, the relevant departments of serious dereliction of duty, this can be seen by the. Protracted

   water pollution, drinking water to the people sounded the alarm for the safety concerns, so buy water purifier response measures become many families, thus driving the water purifier market boomed.


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   According to statistics, in 2016 the water industry sales of 20.3 billion yuan, much higher than the overall growth of the consumer electronics market. According to "China water purifier industry status quo research analysis and market forecast report (2016 edition)," pointed out that in 1999 the national water purifier production is only 60 million units, followed by rapid water purifiers average annual growth rate expected by 2017 China water purifier will reach 87.19 million units. The market promising.

   Now, China water purifier market capacity growth rate of 50%. Is expected to 2019 national household water purifier market penetration will reach 20% to 30%, with a volume of about 100 million households. To seize the market, large and small companies flocking, and competition for the market "cake."

   "Four Worlds" competition coexist billion "cake"

   behind the water purifier market thriving, it is a large number of homogeneous products emerge. According to statistics, water purifier company has more than 4000, most enterprises are lack of technological innovation. From 2010 to 2016, the homogenization of low-end products continue to be squeezed living space, while the market share of reverse osmosis products increased fastest.

   The PRC released a report that, over the next 15 years the water purification industry compound annual growth rate of more than 14% within five years, domestic water purifier market capacity will exceed 100 billion mark. In the case of worsening water pollution, water purifier market is about to usher in the explosive growth.

   driven by the market, water purifier major companies staking their claims, competing Fengeng. It is understood that the entire water purification industry is divided into "four worlds." Among them, the firstIn a world of major shipping companies amounted to more than $ 900 million, including the United States, Patio (plus Unilever) and other giants; the second annual billings of the world remains at 100 million to 500 million yuan of rooms, including Angel, Philips, EcoWater, Four seasons song Mu sun rain, Haier, open energy, clean water sources and other brands; the threshold of the third world between 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan, mainly by Gree, TCL cloud rice (millet), Sloan, Qin Kang, Ainikesi composition and other brands, may be 50 million yuan, also known as large-scale domestic enterprises watershed clean water. The fourth world of some of the weaker brand-name enterprises, and annual billings of 5,000 yuan.

   From the current point of view, the water purifier market is flourishing, contending the phenomenon. Each water purifier business is Eight Immortals, fancy, using a variety of measures to increase market share. Water purification products that pays top academics, uneven quality, an urgent need to develop.

   from Orville cloud network data display, currently most developed markets such as Japan and South Korea of 鈥嬧€媡he water purifier penetration rate of over 70%, while our water purifier market penetration of only 3% to 5%, which north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other cities penetration rate of about 15%, less than 10% of the second and third tier cities, the rural market is almost blank, water purifiers household penetration is still very low. Visible, my countrys future growth is a huge water purifier market prospects attractive.


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   water purifier market in different ways should be standardized

   At present, a good overall situation of my countrys water purification industry, the market door open, the water purifier market in depth. However, behind the water purifier market rapid growth, uneven quality, maintenance difficulties and other issues are more prominent.

   It is understood that although the domestic production of water purifier manufacturers, although reached more than 4000, but holders of Health licensing (State wading this document) water purifier manufacturers only about 500, which leads to a lot of substandard products in circulation.

   According to CCTV news reports, in April this year, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province Bureau of Quality Supervision commissioned by quality inspection center for domestic hot household water purifiers conduct random inspection showed that the samples of 60 brands in paragraph 45, nearly half failed. Among the more expensive the price of water purifiers, but its passing rate lower. Price of $ 1500 or less random 8 batches, 25%; 15015 batches of checks between 0-2500 yuan, 60% failure rate; price checks over $ 2,500 8 batches, was 62.5%.

   Analysis of the industry, resulting in the current main reason for water purification product quality is good and bad, manufacturer of quality control standards to vary. A large number of undocumented manufacturer (not the State wading this document) using outsourced assembly of the filter, water purifier OEM mode of production, resulting in a domestic water purifier market was mixed, Nishajuxia.

   Chinese Academy of household appliances Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineer, said the rapid development of water purification industry production, but the quality is uneven, it is recommended consumers choose water purification products not only focus on product execution explicit standards, but also pay attention to whether the product is certified, and ask for proof testing organizations.

   to accelerate the market trends reshuffle optimistic

   For now, water purification equipment as an important part of home comfort, with continued upgrades to enhance consumer demand, as well as new brands, new technology It will accelerate the market reshuffle. Water purification technology companies need to innovate, improve their product quality, higher value added products in order to avoid out in the industry reshuffle.

   In the process of rapid development of water purification industry, the Chilean power grid will consider the following trends emerge:

   First, the brand will be popular, brand-name products is declining. With a certain well-known brand products with good reputation, excellent quality and other factors, easier to get the trust of consumers; and compared with the no-name brand products more secure on sale, so consumers choose water purifier when the brand will be more targeted. Brand-name products will be increasingly left out, the brand will be more selling water purifiers, water purification industry to accelerate usher reshuffle.

   water purifier uneven quality! Accelerating change will usher in a reshuffle? Purifiers uneven quality! Accelerating change will usher in a reshuffle?

   Secondly, moderately priced water purifier prospects. Mid-range water purifiers generally between 2,000 yuan to 5,000, the consumer can select the appropriate purifier water purifier according to the needs and water conditions. For a large number of low-income families, the choice of high-priced water purifier bloated, low price of water purifiers not be assured of their quality, moderately priced food and therefore will likely see explosive growth.

   Again, reverse osmosis equipment become mainstream. Currently the water purifier market in terms of technology is divided into four reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, activated carbon, nanofiltration. By the State "863" impact of reverse osmosis technology has gradually become the mainstream market, currently accounting for the water purifier market has exceeded 85%. The ultrafiltration and activated carbon products in the market share of 7% and 5%, respectively. RO products stood out, for a long time in the future this trend will continue.

   Finally, the product features moving large flux, long life, high-saving, intelligent direction. From a practical point of view, a small flux of water purification products prone to small water flow, a large proportion of waste water, poor filtering effect and other issues, therefore, large flux, less waste, clean water, high-quality products to better meet customer needs . According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) data show that large flux (鈮?00L) of the product showed a rapid increasing trend, this year 26 weeks before the big flux (鈮?00L) products accounted for nearly 64%, the share of small flux products decreased year by year . In addition, intelligence became one of the breakthrough water purification industry. Intelligent Water Purifier can remind consumers to replace the filter, real-time monitoring water quality and safety, to protect the security of household water.

   In short, the situation in the face of increasingly serious water pollution, water purification companies ushered in an important period of development. The face of increasingly fierce market competition in the growing homogenization of the market structure, water purifier business how innovative production technology, improve their product quality, implementation of different development strategies, enterprise development must be addressed.

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