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Quan Lu matter Intelligent cloud war purifiescort foyou

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   body is the capital of revolution, not a good footer soul, even the strength to stand up are not. "According to many scientific reports of human physical quality of the decision, with the development of modern industry, safety of water resources has been unable to security, residents can only be achieved through effective measures to optimize water quality.

娉夐湶鐗╀簯姘存満 鏅鸿兘鍑€姘村櫒涓轰綘淇濋┚鎶よ埅

   As we all know, water is the carrier of life, in our country at present, the water quality has suffered an unprecedented pollution, water the traditional filtration plant can not be full of heavy metals in water, filter out all bacteria colloids, coupled with long-distance transport process water pipe network of secondary pollution caused by the water or in the process of saving, thus ensuring good water quality terminal, in the true sense of order the realization of water purification.

娉夐湶鐗╀簯姘存満 鏅鸿兘鍑€姘村櫒涓轰綘淇濋┚鎶よ埅

   to choose a more suitable home water purification products is the best policy! matter cloud water machine, water purifier end of 2017 pioneered the concept of intelligent, modern networking technology with the perfect combination of cloud services technology, is a new generation of intelligent things pure water, is a follow the trend, in line with the needs, the expectations of the new era of new natural products.

   it uses APP control, intelligent objects Union, through the use of mobile phones in real-time status and water quality remote monitoring of the machine features a button to reset the filter, filter replacement, failure to remind the other advanced features and allow the products, service providers and users tripartite exchange of information; it uses one integrated waterway design, innovative structure, forming, reducing the use of joints, effectively channeling the water to avoid the traditional waterways, clogging water leakage.

娉夐湶鐗╀簯姘存満 鏅鸿兘鍑€姘村櫒涓轰綘淇濋┚鎶よ埅

   as a modern family essential household items, things cloud waterplaneIt humane drinking water purification function to protect the health of their families, but also to intelligent design into the users daily life, to truly become every consumers "home assistant." "Things cloud water machine" smart environmentally friendly, convenient and easy for people to live a healthy life.

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