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Water industry Seize opportunity to find the most delicatcha

   The rapid development of water purification industry, so that enterprises are facing more and more challenges, more and more consumer demand for high quality, so that the industry needs to seize more opportunities, from the recent market situation, water purification industry mainly in the following three five opportunities and challenges.




water industry most delicate challenge Seizing an opportunity to look for development

   a turning point: the country to build affordable housing

   With all across the country the rise of social housing construction projects, and according to the relevant state departments said that the future will increase the protection of housing construction investment, so most people will likely become a "new urban population," people have a certain kind of consumer power, as long as water purification products of good quality and reasonable price, we believe this will be a big cake urban markets, how good points of this new home appliance market will be the major issue in the future water purifier brand first thing to consider.

   opportunity II: industry continues its rapid expansion,

   As the Internet began large popular media for Chinas water resources, monitoring and health knowledge popularization of tap water, etc., people access to information is not limited to television, newspapers, access to information more widely, and information on the Internet can be long-term storage, the data show that from Baidu: concern about water purification products in recent years is continuing to rise.

   an opportunity to Three: National strong regulation "white machine" and "outside" products

   As more and more big brands and large appliance brands to enter the water purification industry, the state for water purification markets consolidation efforts to gradually increase, especially in the beginning of 2011, led by the business sector joint law enforcement investigation over the "white machine", "edge ball" unprecedented efforts, and this will continue to strengthen efforts to deal effectively clean up the market. When a large number of fake e product market is cleared out, in three or four markets will have a larger capacity space is vacated, it will be many opportunities for water purifier brand enterprises.

   an opportunity to four: the eve of the industry into the reshuffle, which for brand-oriented enterprises are growth opportunities

   reshuffle Eve, for businesses seeking, mining, cultivate consumer demand in the industry is its He made a breakthrough in the fundamental driving force. For example, a growing number of consumers seeking high quality of life, and the high quality of life involves many aspects of basic necessities, and water can be naturally healthy lifeInto the high-grade life inside, water purifier manufacturers are designed to allow consumers to experience a better quality of life clean water, as more and more consumers to buy water purification products, only really meet consumer demand for the product in order to ultimately dominate the market.

   an opportunity to five: driven policy of home appliances, three or four lines explosive growth

   water purification industry development so far, some brands have become famous, and some brand fall, big most brands are still on the way into 2014, even though the industry has rhetoric also has aspirations, but also part of the water purifier business for survival and unable to do anything, in the end go in the water purification industry has long been established answer is:? shuffle.

   But before we shuffle the water purifier business how to handle them? Seize opportunities, meet challenges is the only way to find opportunities in the law, the self-perfection in the challenge, eventually mature water purifier a place where the industry structure, achievement Everlasting. ? Review of 2013, the future of home water purifier industry opportunities which will arise which will face the challenge of it

   a challenge: reshuffle soon, fierce competition, how to break through brand

  ? challenge 2: affected by price rises, the water purification industry how to control costs

   three challenges:? how fine marketing ideas for its landing

   with the home appliances activities in full swing, many three? four markets benefit consumers, and with some of the water purifier brand with a number of appliances, cabinets, bathroom brand portfolio sales, although water purification products currently not able to incorporate the countryside array of products, but some of the countryside into the industry brand products in order to enhance selling say a word, would choose to promote their foot in the water purification industry, so you can advance the popularity of three or four markets consumer popularity of water purification products related knowledge for the entire water purification industry, is a large good thing.

   All along, the challenges and opportunities that exist, and seize the opportunity to rise to the challenge to be a better development of the industry, in order to favor manufacturers to grow into an industry darlings, water purification industry and manufacturers is also true.

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